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>> abc 7 news.
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>> we are on storm watch right now. rain is coming down. this is a live picture from our camera in emeryville there in the distance. you can see the bay bridge. it has been a stormy night and more to come. let's get right to spencer with tracking all of it for us on radar tonight. >> it is indeed going to get stormy. in fact the north bay has seen a lot of stormy weather tonight. this is the way it looks right now and throughout the late afternoon and early evening hours most of the active weather has been pushing into the north bay. that's the area getting drenched writ now. you can see pockets of locally heavy rainfall in places like fort ross and north of santa rosa at bodega bay and up near sea ranch. all but moving into the north bibay but we see batch beginning to push towards the golden gate into san francisco but still most of it energy is going up to the marin county coast license there so mainly north bay event so far. over in the sierra lake tahoe pretty much rainfall down at lake level. snow levels are way up
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high around 8,000 feet. rainfall total over the last 24 hours growing now nearly half inch up in mount saint helena. third inch at santa rosa. third inch at san francisco and of course these total will grow because there will be more written over nature and tomorrow. more about that a little bit later. >> okay spencer thank you. >> new details tonight about the brutal kidnapping and assault of elderly solana county woman. police say 14-year-old boy car jacked the woman in front of business on plaza drive in vallejo. sexually assault her and then left her in a ditch near interstate 80. tonight laura anthony explains how police caught up with this teen suspect. >> it was about 5:00 p.m. thursday afternoon when vallejo police say 65-year-old is a land 0county woman walking to minivan in the parking lot was confronted by 14-year-old boy with a gun. >> she was forced to drive to location within miles of the point of her abduction where she was assaulted, left unconscious, deduct taped, in a ditch.
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>> that ditch was in the area of the parkway near interstate 80. passerby found the woman who had been both physically and sexually assaulted. at about the same time the victim family received a phone call from the suspect. >> caller demanded money in exchange for her return. >> men time police say the boy drove the victim van back to the toys-r-us parking lot where a witness told abc 7 news he then asked the young female mye if she would like to see the twilight movie with him. she refused he went into the store after her and short time later employees started yelling. >> hear the guy in the back of the store yelling that to call 911 and lock the door. nobody in. no one out. and everyone running to the front of the store. police come running through the door. hear a bunch of stuff going on in the back of the door shuffling and stuff and after awhile they handcuffed the kid and brought him forward. >>reporter: today we found the
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store open for business as usual though some shoppers were nervous about what happened here last night. >> i heard on the news last night that someone was abducted from this parking lot. at night. if 14-year-old? that's kind of scary. >>reporter: 14-year-old boil is in juvenile hall in fairfield. 65-year-old victim in this case still recovering at local hospital t.the the boy will be charged with assault armed robbery attempted murder carjacking and kidnapping for ransom. one other note the car -- the gun he had was a fake. in vallejo, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> shock snooing former police commander in custody tonight and please anton police looking for his wife right now. former pinole commander matthew messer and his waive elizabeth are charged with stealing 750,000 dollars from an 82-year-old please anton resident. she
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supposedly turned herself in this morning. investigators say messer used his police position to gain the trust of the victim. >> in the mean time another law enforcements officer in jail. san francisco sheriff's deputy has been arrested for robbing a bank. police identify him as deputy philip tongue. there you see his picture police say. heather has that story. >>reporter: 36-year-old philip chun tongue accused of robbing the bank of america on balboa in the richmond district on november 7. the district attorney says he walked in at about 4:45 and handed the teller a demand note. note said had he a weapon but never showed one. teller gave him 1 1700 dollars and he left on foot. >> the residents of san francisco expect their men and women in uniform to uphold themselves with highest respect for the law. and the actions of this particular individual are deplorable. there will be serious consequences.
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>> investigators used fingerprint on the demand note and bank surveillance video to identify him. he was arrested at 7:30 this morning outside the jail where he works on 7th street. here's what we know about him so far. senior deputy philip chun is 36 years old became a deputy in 2005 and assigned to the custody division. he's facing 2 felony charges. second degree burglary and second degree robbery. >> you can go to state prison for up to 5 years for robbery. it's very violent offense purse to the penal code. >>reporter: he's being held on 150,000 dollar bail. it's expected he will be arraigned this come monday afternoon. in san francisco, heather, abc 7 news. riverside county slaughter house today agreed to pay the u.s. humane society half billion dollars. that's the largest settlement on record in an animal abuse case. it settles the civil suit accusing west land hallmark meat of butch ering sick cow and
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selling the beef to the national school lunch program. slaughter house was exposed in 2008 by undercover video shot by animal rights activists. that led to the largest meat recall in u.s. history. symptoms only symbolic. west land hallmark meat is bankrupt and shut down. >> california high speed rail project will continue as scheduled. june turned down an attempt by farmers to stop the project in the central valley. that's where the first segment is scheduled to break ground next summer. however capitol correspondent annette explains the legal fight here is still far from over. >>reporter: future of california controversial 800 mile, 68 billion dollar high speed rail project hinges on the outcome of lawsuit filed by farmer water district and other opposing interests in the central valley. that's where the first segment is scheduled to brick ground next summer. >> they are not following their own guidelines and doing this project. they are to use existing corridor. they are not. supposed to minimace
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impact to farm land they are not. they are to listen to the people they did not. >>reporter: plaintiffs are asking for 6 month preliminary injunction essentially halting the work so they can proof california failed to conduct thorough variabilityal reviews. if they had they say the environmental impact review or eir would show having a bullet train running through the middle of irrigation systems and farm land would add transversely effect agricultur agriculture. >> we are lacking at a situation up disclosed in the eir where a farmer might have to drive 5 miles to get from one side of his farm to the other because there's a railroad right-of-way down the middle. >>reporter: attorneys for the rail authority argue environmental review were done properly and emphasize a delay could add to the already high price tag. >> 8 to continue.3 million dollars if the court issues injunction for 6 months. that would be petitioner request. >>reporter: not to mention delay could also jeopardize
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billions of dollars in federal grant money that must be spent by 20 17. in the end the judge denied the preliminary injunction which means barring other potential delay the project proceeds as planned. plaintiff are considering taking their case to federal court. in sacramento, abc 7 news. hostess the maker of twinkie dinge do you think and wonderer bread going out of business. the texaco said it was operating on thin margin and week long strike by the worker was apparently the final blow. today hostess lovers of santa clara made a run on the company thrift store to stock up on hostess products. >> the stuff is gone but the workers that's lot of jobs lost too so it's a sad nand this economy that's the last thing we need. >> sad. it is. coming here all my life. things change. >>reporter: about 18,000 plus jobs will be lost because of this closure. meanwhile the company roughly 500 bakery
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outlet stores will stay open for several days to sell its remaining products and as you might expect twivrngies and other products hostess products are just selling leak, well, hot cake on ebay. some for quite a bit of money with the fear they will be no more. >> nutritionist are crying foul about another snack. new snack coming out on the market. cracker jack is introducing cracker jacked it contains as much caffeine in every serving as cup of coffee. center for science in the public interest says that means kids could get an over dose of caffeine if they eat more than one serving at a time. frito lay says the snack marketed only to adults. caffeinateded product are raising all sorts of alarm bell these day. this week there were reports of 5 hour energy drink linked to 13 deaths. >> san francisco 49ers head coach harbaugh is back coaching his team tonight and talking about his health. he was out yesterday as we reported having a minor medical procedure for an irregular heart beat. tv
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corina explains what he is raring to do. >>reporter: anyone who knows forty-niner coach jim harbaugh knows being side lined for a day gave him more anxiety than the reason for the time out. irregular heart beat. >> if a flirt is something i have had for for awhile. probably pretty close to all my life. >>reporter: meaning nfl coach of the year had a cardio procedure to normalize the heart rate. hours late he had doctors permission to sneak back to the training facility. >> the guy is unbelievable. he's standing next to me at practice. what are you doing? if thought would i come check it out. did they shock you like 5 minutes ago. unbelievable. a lot of respect for him. got to love him. >>reporter: players relaevd now as they were concerned. >> for something like that to happen kind of scary for us. just because he's our head coach and we care about him. >>reporter: harbaugh says doctors told him to cut did you
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know on caffeine and eat better but don't expect any changes to his coaching style. >> he's not slowing down. he's just as fired up and intense as he always is this morning. >>reporter: harbaugh was more interested today in focusing on monday pivotal show down with the bears than talking about his health. >> back at work. glad to be preparing for the ball game. i'm fine fine and ready to go to work. >>reporter: coach harbaugh says did he have another heart procedure 13 years ago. that's when he was playing for the san diego chargers and he missed a couple of practices. at that time. coach turned 49 next month. in santa clara, abc 7 news. if still coming up tonight here on 7 news at 9:00. case that blurs the line between terrorism and art. local passenger tries to board a plane with what authorities say is the makings of a bomb. >> plus one of oakland most wanted under arrest. and it was all because of his appetit
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appetite. we'll smraichbility also ahead. we attend a school of heroes. university of entrepreneur were graduating could make you millions. >> and what is this you ask? this the is a new leash on lif life. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00
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fbi now involved in bizarre incident at oakland. man arrested claims it was just an art project. 49-year-old jeffrey began was spotted and arrested after he was seen with item reassembling explosive did he advice. a watch lacked like a bomb as he tried to go through security around 8:00 o'clock last night. >> the watch had on it toggle switch. a series of fuses. series of wires protruding from it. circuit board. and the watch itself which was on incorrect time. >>reporter: again the whole thing is very strange and very suspicious were found. police say began was wearing boots that had been halt erred. there were lirs of insole apparently and cavity inside the shoe. california prison officials
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are releasing a quad mreenl ick rapist despite concerns that he remains a threat to those around hip. san diego appeals court ordered release of steven martinez under medical parole law designed to reduce prison kochlts care is 600,000 dollars a year. he applied for the release in 2011 but initially turned down again because of public safety risk is. he was paralyze decade ago when another inmate stabbed him in the neck. of retired 2 star marine corps general promising to restore integrity to the state park department. major general jackson was sworn in today as the new director. the state is still investigating why 54 million dollars was kept hidden in two special funds even as budget cuts threaten to close 70 of 280 state park. jackson says going forward every nickel will be handled honestly within the department. talk about the weather forecast. the storms bringing
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rain here mean snow in the sierra at least one ski resort opening an extra lift. snow up there apparently is that good. george warren has the story now from soda springs. >> friday afternoon brought a mix of rain and snow to donner summit. >> long time for the season. this is really good start. hate to read too much into it but so far signs are optimisti optimistic. >> as usual tahoe area resort open halloween but more for pwringing right here. thanksgiving really counts and sugar bowl opens tomorrow with at least 2 lifts. knob hill here at the bottom and lincoln at the top. >> we shot for thanksgiving to week prior to thanksgiving is amazing for us. >> while we were at sugar bowl they tested a third lift. game day decision about running that this wean as well. they decided they would on sunday. >> thanksgiving is big for our resort. it's typically the first big weekend that all the
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resorts get and it can i goes off the season. you know. especially coming off last yea year. >> sierra ski resorts have something to be thankful for this next week as the storms come in this weekend and clear in and out time for the skiers to get up here for the holiday. at donner summit, abc 7 news. so good to see in many respects because last year it was a dismal season. >> off to good start so far this year. experience is tracking the forecast. >> kirk wood and squaw valley opened today. many of the resorts opening. live view from our heavenly mountain resort camera. at lake tahoe and you can see snow on the ground at this elevation. camera up high. higher than lake level. it's raining down at lake level but 7500, eight,000 feet and higher. snowing right now and snow levels expected to drop on sunday as next colder storm comes in. right now in the bay area looking at live doppler 7 hd lots of rain fall with pockets of moderate heavy rain
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mainly in the north bay. this is how it has been throughout the evening most of the energy and police to the storm traveling up to the north bay fort ross jenner pounded receipt now. sea ranch with pockets of moderate heavy rain. lighter rain over around winds or. santa rosa, napa county and south into marin county. generally around the bay area right now these are current temperature readings mainly in the 50's but 62 mountain view, 61 at san jose and these are our forecast features. we'll see more waves of rain into saturday morning then break develop midday tomorrow but colder storm comes in tomorrow night and that will bring us more rainfall of course over nature tonight showers and waves of rain and possibly flash of lightning here and there. low pressure mainly in the mid 50's fairly mild overnight period. satellite rid arrest composite image shows movement of the current storm the rainfall we see right now. that will be pushing in overnight and then break behind the storm followed by the second storm colder one coming did you know from the northwest
9:21 pm
which manufactures in tomorrow night so we start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock this night at which point rain stretched widely around the bay area that will during the overnight hours until early tomorrow morning and break up and dissipate and after 12 noon or so we see pretty mainly dry afternoon in the bay area but by 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon we see the second storm beginning to push that the north bay during later evening hours sweep through by midnight tomorrow night into sunday morning we'll collect a lot more rainfall from that storm and then it sort of drays out behind the storm on sunday morning. most of sunday could be relatively dry. but by sunday morning we see rainfall total up to 2 and a half inches in the santa cruz mountains. 1 to 2 inches in the north bay up to 1 inch in the even bay south bay and peninsula. in the sierra tahoe area winter weather advisory in effect until sunday at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. rain with snow
9:22 pm
above 8,000 feet. snow levels will drop to 6000 feet early sunday and after that could see 20 inches of snow in the higher elevation. here in the bay area tomorrow after showering morning mainly dry afternoon. high pressure low to mid 60's. also see low to mid 60's near monteray bay and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. that rain tomorrow night into sunday may leave us with a break for much of sunday afternoon then chance of showers again on monday. pai painly dry day on tuesday. chance of rain again on wednesday and thursday thanksgiving day and mainly sunny dry on friday and saturday. >> active unsettled weather. >> thanks very much. >> coming up next. birthday wish comes true. >> how are you. great to get to meet you. >> texas boy abandoned at fire station as newborn gets the best present of his life. stay with u
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion
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as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> amazing reunion between firefighters and a little boy abandoned at the fire station 10 years ago. he gave him a big hug at the fire station no. 12 last night. he had always wanted to meet the man who found him on the station step years ago and the same was true for the firefighters. >> i'm glad you are here. i'm glad because i thought about you a million times over the years. >> i was xait the that i got to meet him. i'm glad i get to come here. this is my fire station. >> really exciting to meet you. i get to meet the person that found hi. he is still living today. >> if he never forgot the baby boy he found. how could he. guess whether. he kept a phot
9:27 pm
photo. this one. of the newborn he found all those years ago. he keeps the photo in his locker. pel another great story. tampa clinic help people with artificial limbs. recently the clinic received a request like none ever before. allison has the story tonight of how the staff was able to help man's best friend. >> try and see what happens. >>reporter: jason just made the mold of patient paralyze leg in order to make new ones. spencer owner found him on the front door step back leg completely paralyze. the veterinarian suspects someone likely dropped or stomped on him as a puppy. >> he doesn't feel this at all. this one has been a problem. >>reporter: because spencer drags and injury paw he's never even gone on a real walk. >> his whole life he just spends at my feet looking up and crying. pick me up pick me up take me here and there. >>reporter: jason never fit add dog before. he's not even absolutely sure this will work.
9:28 pm
now equipped with custom brac braces and green kroc up to the 2-year-old bull dog to take the first step. and right away he does. he ran up and down the hallway so many times he had to stop for water. >> now he can go out and explore and get if trouble like a normal dog. >> reporting from texas how cool is that. >> well coming up. virtual keyboard as we continue the turn that turns table top into a typing machine. >> also ahead. good samaritan to the rescue after this. traumatic crash. grandfather saves a baby life at the last minute. >> and if air raid sirens sound off in tel aviv as israel prepares a possible ground offensive against hamas. >> in san francisco protest over the unrest there.
9:29 pm
demonstrators tonight outside the israeli consulate. stay sz.h
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>> group of pro palestine protestors demonstrate entered front of the israeli consulate in san francisco today. they were calling for an end to israel military strike in the gaza strip. at the same time pro israel demonstrators across the street stressed that israel right to defend itself against rocket attacks. president obama is speaking with middle east leaders tonight about what is going on in the region encouraging israeli prime minister to scale back the violence. $18 is praising egyptian president attempt to ease tension. alex tonight is
9:33 pm
in the gaza strip. >> there are 20,000 israeli reservist who have been called up. tank and troop are massing along the border not far from here preparing for a possible ground invasion. missile and rockets flying back and forth. there has been no let up in this deadliest ka las vegas. sirens today from one of the most sacred city in the world jerusalem. target for the first time in this battle. rocket fell 10 miles short nobody was hurt. tel aviv israeli ran for cover. in all more than 550 rocket have now been launched at israel leaving 3 dead. military says a third intercepted by israel ire dome anti-missile system. today we saw where the rockets are coming from. clouds of smoke reveal militant rocket launching site. we asked one of the militant groups behind the attack what it would take
9:34 pm
to stop. >> as soon as israel stops attacking gaza strip you will stop firing on israel. >> of course he said. wouldn't fire rockets if israel wasn't killing us. for days there has been almost no let up in the israeli warplane hammering of gaza. 30 palestine killed. most of them civilians. if gaza biggest hospital today we saw steady stream of wounded arriving. including children in the icu men with traumatic brain injury. he's brain dead and doctors not optimistic. are you able to cope if this escalation continues. >> no. tl no. situation is stable. very unstable. and if continue we can of course we can. >>reporter: alex reporting from the gaza strip. well 2 people back here are missing after an explosion on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico. 2 workers triggered
9:35 pm
the blast while using a cutting torch for mainte people injured 2 not yet found. craw capped off the broken line and put out the fire. a little oil leaked into the ocean just off the coast of louisiana. flames shot up 50 feet into the sky from a fire at chemical plant interdallas. one explosion crabbed window at nearby buildings it was that powerful. column of black smoke can be seen over the entire area. area quite flat you can see the smoke for mile miles. no reports of injuries. not known what sparked the blaze. but it is out tonight. we have some pictures to show you here. wisconsin grandfather being called a hero for pulling a baby from the wreckage of a multi-vehicle accident. watch this. as the video captured incredibly vailt crash and car blows through the stop sign and crash noose an suv that slams into another vehicle. video comes from chico security camera. he heard the crash. then ran to the rescue of young girl calling for help.
9:36 pm
>> hear her cry and yelling for her mother and father. i found the baby dangling or hanging on her car seat. i finally got her little leg one at a time. took about 4 or 5 minutes and the smell of gas license was so strong i was fearing that it might catch on fire. i was telling her in spanish don't worry i'm not going to leave here without you. >> amazing. look at the impact how could everyone ino) the car not be killed. paramedic say it's truly incredible everyone survived with cuts and pwrawss. no serious injuries. unbelievable. >> ebay under fire tonight. justice department filed lawsuit today claiming that the san jose base company violated anti-trust law. government says ebay and intuit conspired to avoid recruiting other employee. lawsuit seek to prevent ebay from forcing agreement and making similar agreement with other companies. intuit not named in the suit. it already reached a settlement involving similar allegations
9:37 pm
in 2010. oakland police officer out celebrating his wife's birthday in san francisco helped capture one of oakland most wanted criminals. it all came down last night at ruth chris steak house on venice avenue. officer was having dinner when he noticed a member of notorious east oakland street gang at nearby table. he stepped outside to call police then went back to his table with his wife while officers from both cities converged outside. >> being vital real time information from officer leave inside the restaurant we gnaw exactly his movement. his whereabouts and what time he was going exit the restaurant. >> the man arrested is wanted for residential robbery and assault. he was dining with fellow gang members authorities say and police questioned them and even made some who had skipped out on the check go back, pay the bill and leave a nice tip. well coming up next. school of hero. up next. university of entrepreneur were
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> nice sight. holiday here in san francisco and one way you can tell embarcadero center is now lit up. 17,000 bulbs decorate downtown building. they flipped the switch. >> san mateo a school unlike any other. students are exceptionally bright and competitive. and the classes are unconventional. the founder is an icon in silicon valley and if you do well, you could graduate with money you need to start your own company. vick lee has the story. >>reporter: the school is housed in the old 9 story benjamin franklin hotel in downtown san mateo o. the name is still above the entrance.
9:42 pm
but now out front there are pictures of apple founder steve jobs and eli who started tesla motors. this is draper university of heroes. unconventional school that teaches young entrepreneur how to succeed in the real business world. founder famed venture capitalist tim draper whose investment include had the mai mail. skype. tesla. now he's spending millions of his own money starting the school. >> what i wanted to do was to create a school of a type that encouraged people to step out there and become heroes. to stick their neck out. to as we say in the credo to fail and fail again until they succeed. >>reporter: it's not open yet but the school held a month long pilot program for some 40 students this summer. >> my brand my network and my reputation are paramount. >>reporter: each morning starts out with a super hero
9:43 pm
pledge. >> i will treat people well. i will make short-term sacrifices for long-term success. >>reporter: students sit on bean bag. curriculum is just as unusual. there's yoga. go cart. kayaking. painting. rural survival contest. drairp says these activities teach them how to take on challenges out in the real world. >> few people will succeed at and many people will fail at and our goal really is for them to understand what it is like to fail and to move on. >>reporter: students have to aplay for the 8 week program with tuition at 7500 dollars. divided that teams competing against each other. >> i think people working in teams do extraordinary things they wouldn't do for themselve themselves. >>reporter: they learn all of the fundamental of business and traditional classes. taught not by professor but through lecture given by silicon valley executives. >> we are creating a brand. >>reporter: pilot program ended with students pitching a
9:44 pm
business idea to a panel of venture cap lists. each student had 2 minutes to make their case. berkeley graduate won the competition. she got funding for her idea better testing did he vase to diagnosis ovarian signatures. she returned to the school recently during an open house for prospective students. she says draper university changed her life e.i not only have a prototype but product working in human tissue. i have a term sheet for the next round of funding which will be a total of 4 million. >>reporter: those we spoke with at the open house all said that the school attracted them because of its free spirited approach to entrepreneurship. >> it's a place for young people to kilometer and learn about being innovative thinkers and to reinvent the way they look at the world. >> i'm looking for something that pushes me outside my comfort zone. gives me a chance to fail. gives mae chance to be creative. >>reporter: draper university
9:45 pm
is set to open in april with 80 selected students or as they are called here, 80 heroes. vick lee, 7 news. >> what a remarkable opportunity. they are going places. >> well new family were sell brited today across the nation and in the bay area. we take you to one of those ceremonies as abc 7 news at 9:00 continues right here in just a moment. right here in just a moment. stay with us.
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>> today is national adoption day and there was a wonderful celebration of family at the santa clara county courthouse. 31 children were adopted. one express joy over things we take for granted. >> today was best day of my life. and i'm glad i'm glad i have a family.
9:49 pm
>>reporter: how remarkable is young robert. more than 10 100,000 children in the country are awaiting for adoption now. every year up to 200 children adopted in santa clara county. what a happy day there. >> wow! >> that's cool. let's go back to spencer. that kid robert. >> touching. thankful for. time lapse view this afternoon from our high definition east bay camera in emeryville and see clouds low dark clouds moving over the bay area. we had rain as well and we have it now. live doppler 7 hd lots of rainfall up in the bay which is the spot around the bay area that received the most wren fall so far up around sea ranc ranch. we have area of pretty impressive downpour writ now also near bodega bay in santa rose and rohnert park, petaluma area, downpour. rainfall total last 24 hours beginning to look rather impressive. nearly half inch in mt. st. helens that. third inch at san francisco and increasing amounts in other locations around the bay area.
9:50 pm
tomorrow we have showers and rain overnight in the early morning hours but probably mainly dry afternoon. high pressure mainly in the 60's and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. another wave of rain comes through tomorrow night. that will taper off sunday morning. then chance of written on monday. chance of written on wednesday and thursday which is thanksgiving day. we are in unsettled pattern. >> thanks spencer very much. >> from us stating the typing on the small key on your phone can be difficult over long periods of time however swiss college student developed virtual full size keyboard that you can use anywhere you have a flat surface. this demonstration of the vibrate virtual keyboard shows how used on piece of paper. but it doesn't need paper. app uses vibration sensor already in the phone to determine where you are typing. now the sensor are not precise so it use as complex spell check program to help fix mistakes. app is not yet available. it will be. at the moment it's being fine-tuneed for accuracy.
9:51 pm
which is how sports director larry spends every nature in the sports department fine-tuneing for accuracy. >> pretty much like this. hunt and peck. >> yes. >> not as efficient as one would hope. >> jim harbaugh back on the job just one day after visiting the hospital. so is he going to slow down is he going to take it easy? it easy? l what do you think
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
>> come up at 11:00 we are on storm watch tonight tracking the rain as it pushes through the bay area. update you on where the storm is heading. >> new lock for the luggage only you and tsa have a key so why are the lock disappearing. michael examines what is happening after you check your bag at the airport. those stories and more at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. but larry here warriors in action not a bad game. >> one of the games you have to win. on the road against not a great team. warriors starting 3 game road trip tonight with stop in minnesota. they got a lead late held on tight in the fourth quarter. barns off the
9:55 pm
best game of his young pro career against the hawk. another strong performance. nice drive in the lane. a little floater. 18 for the rookie. warriors go on 21-6 run to end the half. karl great acquisition. 15 off the bench. curry with 17. just over 3 minutes left. pull up jumper there. warriors up 5 then barns look at this from mid court here. to the hoop. oh, nice. warriors win the second straight 106-98. two years ago stanford women basketball team snapped yukon 90 game win streak. tonight they did it again. ended baylor from a game win streak. playing in the hawaii rainbow classic. 18 of the 22 in the second half. the if led the cardinal with 18. nice lay up 70-skichblingts internet video by the way. sorry about the skipping and all that. 5 seconds to go. trying to send it to over time but if wow!
9:56 pm
take my word for it. she did not score. stanford lost to baylor in the final 4 last season takes down no. 1 71-69 snapping baylor 42 game win streak. it's the internet folks. cal men on the road playing university of denver after shooting 33 percent in the first half cal made 10 of the first 13 in the second. alan with a jump 20 points and 1,000 career points at cal david of double double. 12 rebound 11 points. nice 1 handed jump hook on the baseline. cal now 3 and o. 72-61 the final there. concern at first but upon seeing haaugh back at practice 49ers linebacker bowman joke the coach should be fined he missed meetings yes. he got treaty for irregular heart pwaechlt harbaugh says the heart beat issue is nothing new dealing witness most of his life. take the stress out of life of nfl
9:57 pm
coach but he said he will listen to the doctor advice on proper diet cutting down calf fen and so on. he's back to work full speed ahead. >> good to be back. driving over yesterday and you are not here and rest of the team not here at prosecute not a good feeling. like i have had that dream before. many times. where you are to be taking a test or team out there practicing and you are not out there. so glad to be out here. >>reporter: if smith practicing in the black do not hit me jersey for third straight day. he has not been medically cleared to play but he seems to be on track to make the bears game monday night. luckily for smith offensive line man taking good care of him. >> if you get anywhere near him you will get beat up badly by the line. the guy is unbelievable. took a shot and for him to be battling back the way he is says volume about
9:58 pm
him. >> on the flip side of the game bears quarterback cutler will not my pond night against the 49ers. concussion of his own so former raider qb campbell will get the start for chicago. campbell hasn't played much since he broke the collar bone with oakland last season. came in during the second half of sunday loss to the texan for 94 yvrmentdz campbell ready despite not too many tl rest this situation. >> this is what we do. this is part of our lives and you have to go out there and take the bull by the horn. can't please everyone and just try to play your game because everyone knows that you haven't played in awhile of course you are not going to be like peyton manning or anything but you have to did what you do. >>reporter: getting suspended for violating baseball drug policy did not stop former giants outfielder ka pwrir a from cashing in. espn he agreed to 2 year deal worth 16 million dollars with toronto. cabrera suspended for 50 games in august. tested positive for
9:59 pm
excessive testosterone in his system and named mvp all star season and sues pen sod turns out okay for him. stanford will try to shock the world tomorrow. try to knock off second rank oregon in eugene. 5:00 p.m. kick off open 7. if oregon wins they wrap up the pack 12 north and spot on the championship game. ducks won 13 in a row. from a or more points in each of the games. >> one team in the nation that has played their best every single game. my talk to our guys is you have to match. that play your best. play against the best you have to give your best give yourself a chance. >> they have to play better than their best. stanford and the duck 5:00 p.m. over on abc 7. the highlights and post game on lexus after the game. >> bigger game. >> i want smith to wear the black don't hit me jersey in the game. >> they don't allow this. >> thanks that's this edition of 7 news. the for all of us here,

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